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Saison Capital backing ambitious founders solving big problems - founder focused

Backing ambitious founders solving big problems

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We back global companies early

We invest in early-stage companies at a seed or pre-seed stage. Our portfolio covers all verticals, including but not limited to fintech, e-commerce and web3. These are Saison Capital’s key differentiators for both investors and investees:
Spearheading embedded finance:
We work with companies to embed finance into their ecosystems. For more on what this means, read the introduction to our thesis.
A team of operator-first VCs:
We have hands-on experience in building successful startups from the inside. At Saison, we’ve all built startups and know what really sets them apart.
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More than investors.

Venture decisions should be informed by operator-driven context. We have the autonomy of an independent, global investment mandate, and Credit Saison’s resources and track record.

Investing for the long term.

We back ambitious, agile, commercially-minded founders. As an investment holding company we offer patient equity financing without the constraints of a traditional fund.
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Our thinking

Articles by our operators reflecting their unique knowledge and diverse experiences of the startup ecosystem.
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An innovation mandate with a focus on emerging markets

We invest in ambitious founders building startups from pre-seed to seed, globally.
First Invested at Pre-Seed and Seed